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Yee Yee Nation!

Your support during our launch has been overwhelming!  Sincerely, THANK YOU for making this such a huge success.

I know you're here because you're having issues with the Android app.  I know this can be frustrating when trying to enjoy Yee Yee Radio.  

There's a couple of things to try while we work out these bugs:

1 - Check your settings. If you have POWER SAVE enabled, please turn that off.  That SHOULD let you continue to listen while you navigate other apps.

2 - If this doesn't work for you, you can listen on your mobile browser while we sort out the complications.  Just CLICK HERE and it'll take you to the player directly on your phone.

PLUS - Continue to give us feedback on how it's working for you.  We built this for YOU, the Yee Yee Nation.  Thanks for helping us get it right!

Thanks so much! - The AntMan

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